Our Story

The Scottish gin industry is booming! But we have a question, what makes a Scottish Gin?

To us, it has to be distilled/rectified and bottled in Scotland. We want to see the industry grow and the talent within that grow too. So all the gins you will find with us aren't here because they've paid the right price they are here because they have done the right thing and because quality is the leading drive for their product.

We want you, the customer to know what you are drinking and where it has been made. Every bottle has a story and every story has its own explanation. From drawing inspiration from childhood favourite flavours to what grows on the doorstep it has it all.

What's the most important thing about a bottle of gin? The label? The marketing? No and no it's what's inside the bottle. This tells the only story we want to know.

One that is so booming it's predicted to exceed the Malt whisky production.

We’re proud of what our beautiful country has to offer.

We’re making the most of Scotland’s wild botanicals, talent and spirit and will be bringing these exciting elements under one roof for four days only.

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