The Gins


The true spirit...

We are all about origin and provenance. Every gin we have we have hand selected. Every gin we have is distilled/rectified and bottled in Scotland. These are the basic principles and the more people can do in Scotland and the more local people used in their processes the better!

We also want you, the customer to have the best experience as possible coming away with as little or as much knowledge about the products as you wish to have.

We learn in steps, and the most basic step to be able to get a drink is that you must know the region of Scotland the gin is from, and if this is all you'd like to know great. We hope you have a wonderful journey through the world of Scottish gin!

On entry you will receive a Scottish gin bible which has tasting notes on all of the gins along with some blank spaces for the keen beans amongst us, or for those whose memory becomes slightly faulty after a few gins, you can take notes.

If you wish to learn more beyond this, we will have distillers at the festival able to lend their expertise and hopefully answer all the questions thrown their way!

So simply – Bars are regional, you'll only get products made in that region.

Gins are priced from £6.50 including a mixer of your choice and the stronger gins are either £9.50 or £12.50 again including your mixer. All gins are served in a 25ml measure.

Cocktails are priced at £6.50 and our mini Scottish beer bar a schooner is £4.50 and pints £6.00.

Our Regions

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